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Workshop: Communicating Christ Clearly

When faced with the opportunity to engage with someone of a different faith, imagine confidently articulating your beliefs with clarity and respect. This might seem daunting, but it’s something that all Christians should aspire to. Sadly, most believers have never learned to share their faith, or they have learned methods that no longer communicate well with our radically unchurched culture. That leaves most Christians and churches ineffective at reaching the lost.

OAC would love to come to your church and provide training in how your congregation can share the message of Jesus effectively.

It is our conviction that every Christian should be able to share the gospel with the unchurched people in their sphere of influence. Our specialists have years of first hand experience in reaching the lost, and have trained hundreds in the skills they need to speak about our glorious saviour.

“Communicating Christ Clearly” has been meticulously developed as an evangelism course to empower every believer to share their faith. This comprehensive program equips individuals with an understanding of the core of the Christian worldview, and then gives them simple tools to communicate the gospel in a conversational format without relying heavily on Christian jargon. 

The course covers:

  • The Great Commission and our call to go and make disciples
  • What is the gospel?
  • How to get into a gospel conversation
  • How to communicate the gospel message
  • Use of analogies and avoiding jargon
  • How to help someone respond to the good news

The sessions are interactive and involve role-playing and opportunities to practice what they are learning. There are videos of real evangelism encounters, a high quality workbook to complete, and small homework assignments between sessions.

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