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Andrew M sharing the gospel

On his way to buy a Bible

Celly said he believed in a God who created everything, but he does not know which religion is true. Celly is seeking to find the truth. Celly mentioned he was on his way to buy a Bible… At the end of the conversation, he said that speaking to me “has low-key changed his life.”

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Fun people to speak to

Alannah is bubbly, energetic and was a lot of fun to talk to! She is very much a believer in the scientific method as a way to determine truth, and as ‘what happens to me when I die’ is not really a repeatable experiment, she thinks we have no way to know for certain!

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A seeker hears the gospel for the first time

Paula is 18 years old and initially had a very unusual afterlife theory about multiple dimensions, but freely admitted that she had no basis for those views at all! She had been raised Catholic in Spain and still wears that label, but had more gaps than knowledge about her beliefs.

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Catherine speaks to a spiritualist

In her family, they all believe that they regularly interact with the spirits of relatives who have died… She believes they can speak to the spirits of the dead relatives, and that they stick around to watch over the remaining family members and make sure they’re safe.

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Perseverance Pays Off

Some days start out really difficult. After the twentieth-ish knockback, I was feeling a little put off and a short prayer was needed to help refocus on the task at hand!

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