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Perseverance Pays Off

Some days start out really difficult. After the twentieth-ish knockback, I was feeling a little put off and a short prayer was needed to help refocus on the task at hand! The motor fired up eventually, and I stopped a young man named Tim. Tim was like many we talk to having a Christian upbringing and openly agnostic now. I gave him reasons why everyone believes Genesis 1:1 to be true which made sense to him. I also reasoned for God’s existence philosophically which also made sense to him. Like many, he believed he was good enough to go to heaven, so using a few of the commandments he soon realised that this was not the case. I shared the good news of the Gospel with him, and he said that he definitely would think more about it, took a tract and left. Although quite a difficult day to start with, this conversation was great. Please pray for Tim, that he might draw a bit closer towards his creator.
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