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OAC’s history goes back to 1892 when an English barrister began preaching to lunch time crowds in Sydney’s Martin Place.

More than a 130 years later, our focus is still on taking the gospel to those who need to hear the life-changing message of Jesus! Though the style and method have changed a bit over the decades, our commitment is still to present the Bible’s message in a way that can be heard and understood.

Below you will find just a brief snapshot of how OAC is taking the gospel to the lost today.

Street Teams

OAC’s roots are on the street and that’s where OAC teams have gone for decades to reach people who might otherwise never hear about Jesus. Today, OAC has teams of people going to the street in different regions to find the unchurched and to bring them the eternity changing message of the gospel. Through this public engagement, they reach people who might otherwise have little exposure to the Christian worldview.

Short Term Missions

OAC conducts short term mission projects at various times through the year, particularly reaching out to children and youth. These include the annual summer beach missions to various locations around Victoria, and also teams who serve the young people at larger Christian conventions and conferences. These teams are heavily staffed by a group of skilled volunteers who are passionate about taking the gospel to kids. 

Worldview Events

Learning about the Christian Worldview in Australia can be fun

It is a sad reality that the majority of “churched” young people walk away from the Christian faith either during their teen or young adult years. For most of these, a conversation reveals that they were never taught to look at the world through a Biblical lens or even why it was reasonable to do so. Faced with the “facts” of a secular worldview and the “blind faith” of religion, most leave the church and are very reluctant to re-examine the arguments. Worldview events seek to connect with these young people and to build a robust Christian worldview that can withstand the assault of our secular culture.

Beyond Belief

Available from Feb 1st 2024


Beyond Belief is for people who have a relationship with Jesus and want to grow in their faith and pursue Jesus’ mission.

God calls us back to his simple commands to love others the way he loves me, to announce that He is here, that He loves others too, and to gather with other followers for worship, encouragement and support so we can follow Jesus together.

“My goal in developing this material is to teach you how to look at the people around you through Jesus’ eyes, and then to pursue His mission as a part of your everyday being and doing. To move beyond believing in God and accepting his grace and forgiveness to living his commands faithfully and, by doing so, being part of God’s transformation project, just like He always intended.”

– Jason Potter, National Director

School Presentations

OAC presents the gospel in public and private schools. Public Schools require a particular approach to how we present the gospel. In Private Schools we follow the individual schools approach to be of service to the school and to the students in sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with their students. 

Our staff and our volunteers are involved in this very important ministry. Presentations often happen in multiple schools every year in important Christian seasons like Christmas and Easter. 

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