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Street Teams

OAC’s roots are on the street and that’s where OAC teams have gone for decades to reach those who might otherwise never hear about Jesus.

When Jesus told his followers to make disciples, a part of that was to “go”1. Christians have always been called to step outside of our Christian context to find those who have not heard. In past eras, OAC had the freedom to create larger scale public meetings where hundreds might hear the gospel from a trained OAC speaker. Many people came to faith through just such events. 

With our changing culture, such meetings are harder to create as Christian ideas are slowly excluded from public conversation. To meet this changing culture, our teams now predominantly focus on personal conversations, speaking to individuals or small groups.

Some people might find the idea of going to the street somewhat terrifying, and that’s ok. Most people do feel a bit nervous going out to do something new. We don’t expect new team members to know what to do or say; we just want them to come out and see for themselves.

What most people discover is that with a little training and coaching, it is fairly easy to speak to people on the street. In that context, we have amazing conversations where people hear the gospel for the very first time. Just like through the public meetings of old, people are coming to faith in Jesus.

It might sound like a scary idea, but would you come and have a go with our street teams?

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