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Join Our Street Teams

Going out into the public square is not as difficult when you have a great team to serve with!

OAC has some wonderful street teams in several regions who go out together on a weekly basis to speak to people about eternal life with Jesus. It is also our hope and prayer that we will develop new street teams in other areas in the very near future.

These teams operate with the leadership and support of OAC as an established ministry. We provide training and resources to ensure that all of our team members have what they need to serve. Our teams are led by qualified senior team members who have a demonstrated experience in evangelism and the character to lead a team well.

  • You must be a member (or equivalent) in good standing with a local church.
  • You must hold a valid working with children check for your state.
  • Your pastor or other church leader must be aware of your involvement with the team.
  • You must be willing to watch and learn how we approach this sort of ministry as there are some distinctives of how we approach people and speak to them.
  • You must have demonstrated basic competence in explaining the gospel and be willing to grow in this area.

Contact us via the form below and let us know where you are. We will place you in touch with the street teams closest to you. You are welcome to visit and watch the first few times and will not be expected to initiate conversations. Once you have visited a team and feel that this is something you want to do, we will provide you with a simple application so that we can do some basic screening.


Absolutely! For most Christians, this is a new thing and we want you to come and see what we do. While you are checking us out, you’ll be assigned to partner with an existing team member and to shadow them for the outreach. After you have had time to check the ministry out, we will invite you to apply as a volunteer.

If there are no teams in your area, we’d still love to hear from you. We are more than happy to work with people to initiate new teams in different regions. It may be that there a few people from your area looking for a team and we can work with you to establish a new one. 

Contact us about Street Teams

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