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noun: a particular philosophy of life or conception of the world.

Why are young people abandoning their churches?

While young people (under 25yo) are open to the idea of religion or spirituality, there is a growing trend of young people in Australia, raised in a local church, walking away from Christian faith in their late teens or young adult years. They have often had years of Christian schooling or church attendance, Sunday school, or youth group, but as they have moved towards independent adulthood, they have chosen to reject the worldview they were raised with.

Having spoken to multitudes of young “post-church” people, it seems most were never given a solid foundation to their Christian worldview as they grew into their adult years. Their questions were shut down or left unanswered and the journey just wasn’t deep enough. 

We have heard young people who say:

  • No one has ever taught us how we can know that God exists.
  • No one has ever explained how we know that the Bible is really from God and not just written by people.
  • No one has ever put together all the different bits of learning about Christian faith and showed how it relates to real life
Engaging youth with a Christian Worldview in Australia

There is a way to change this:

OAC loves to engage with young people to help them build the solid foundation that they need to maintain their Christian worldview into their adult years and throughout the rest of their lives. 

Through Worldview Events we seek to help young people learn:

        • What do we believe?
        • Why do we believe it?
        • What difference does it make to real life?

Topics explored during Worldview Events include:


  • What is a worldview?
  • Ideas have consequences
  • The nature of truth and opinion
  • Comparing Christianity and other worldviews


  • Who is God?
  • The reliability of Scripture
  • Evidence for what we believe
  • Biblical morality
  • Biblical basis for law and justice


  • Servant leadership
  • The life issue
  • CRT & Cultural Marxism
  • How to impact the lives of others

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