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Andrew M sharing the gospel

On his way to buy a Bible

I talked to a man named Celestine, whose nickname is Celly. He grew up in an African Pentecostal church within a Muslim town. He explained that his church was very culturally Christian. Due to the teachings of this church, he had some serious misunderstandings of the gospel. I explained the gospel to him more accurately, correcting some of his misunderstandings. I also explained what it means that we need to respond to the gospel in repentance and faith if we want to be saved. He said that how I explained repentance to him was much more achievable than what he was taught growing up. Celly said he believed in a God who created everything, but he does not know which religion is true but he is seeking to find the truth. He mentioned he was on his way to buy a Bible. This action demonstrated to me that he is genuinely seeking to know the truth. Celly had some objections to accepting the truthfulness of Christianity, which I worked through with him. I recommended some sources that argue for the truthfulness of Christianity to help him on his quest to find the truth. At the end of the conversation, he said that speaking to me “has low-key changed his life.” He said he was looking for a new church and asked me where I went for church. I told him where I go, and he told me he will attend my church after a month’s time. He can’t attend church for the next month because he has work scheduled on Sundays. Based on how the conversation ended, I have high hopes that God will bring him to faith. Please pray that Celly will believe the gospel.

Andrew M

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