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Fun people to speak to

Alannah is bubbly, energetic and was a lot of fun to talk to! She is very much a believer in the scientific method as a way to determine truth, and as ‘what happens to me when I die’ is not really a repeatable experiment, she thinks we have no way to know for certain! Having said that though, she thinks it’s a bit depressing and hopeless to believe that there’s nothing at all after death, so she likes to hear what people from different faiths believe.
She claimed to know nothing about Christianity, but as we talked through the Gospel it was evident that she had had some exposure. When I asked her what she knew about Jesus, she said he was ‘the Son of God and died for the sins of humanity’, but she had no idea what those phrases meant. She listened respectfully and asked good questions as I explained to her who Jesus is and what he did. She had to leave for class but thanked me for the conversation and accepted a tract.

– Catherine W

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