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OAC National Director, Jason Potter, recently wrote this article at Eternity News.

How (not) to reach Australia with the gospel

We live in a contested culture. That has always been true, but this is no longer just a contest of ideas or belief systems; it is a contest for the hearts and minds of children, teenagers and adults. It is deliberate, calculated, and primarily founded in the old enemy of the Christian faith, Gnosticism. Gnostic thought permeates our education system, news media, art, movies, TV, radio, books, social media, and other online content.

Gnosticism teaches that the material world is evil and created by a lesser being than God. The Gnostic God both created and lives in the perfect spiritual world. The human body houses a person’s spirit but does not integrate into it. The material human body is evil, and the spirit is good. So people can treat their earthly human body as disposable; it is already evil, but that evil does not corrupt the spirit.

This Gnostic philosophy is the basis of the rationale for social movements like group identity politics, euthanasia, the so-called sexual revolution and many others…

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