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3 Muslims hear the Gospel

I spoke to Fahan, Zal, & Zan who were all 19 years old. When I asked them about the afterlife, they each shared that they were Muslim, although none of them were particularly certain about what they believed. Fahan shared that he believes that there is something in the afterlife, but wasn’t really sure what it was and how they could know. When I asked them about how certain they were that God exists, they confessed that they were only 50/50 and didn’t have much confidence. They asked me what I believe and so I told them that I believe in an afterlife because I believe 100% in the existence of a God who has spoken and told us what must come next. Zal asked me why I was so sure that God exists and so I was able to present an argument for God’s existence. They each agreed that this was a good argument. I asked them about their confidence in the Qur’an and then explained why I believe that the Bible can be defended as truly divine revelation. I asked them if they knew anything about what the Bible teaches and they collectively knew almost nothing. I explained how God has said he would judge us and then walked them through the commandments to help them see that we are all very guilty before God. This allowed me to then share the good news in great depth with them. It was fun to speak to the group of three and to bounce things from one to the other. We were able to have a few laughs as I used a couple of them in some illustrations. Having presented the message of eternal life in a very compelling way, I challenged them that this is a question they must examine because they do not know when their time is up. They were very grateful for the conversation and thanked me for speaking to them.

Andrew W

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