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Worldview Camp:
Guardian Waivers

By marking agreement on the registration form as the legal guardian and/or caregiver of a participating child (the ‘Camper’), I confirm that I have READ, UNDERSTOOD, and AGREE to the following statements:

All the information I have provided during registration is correct and any further essential information for the child’s safety has been conveyed to the team. The information I have provided will be kept securely and confidentially on record for a period and will be accessed by authorised people in accordance with OAC Ministries’ Privacy Policy.

Risk of injury is inherent in all physical activities. I am aware that the Camper will be given the opportunity to participate in physical activities during the program and that the team will take reasonable steps to identify, reduce and remove potential risks. Team members have authority to take necessary and reasonable actions to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all Campers and the team. If the child becomes ill or injured while attending the program, minor first aid can be administered, or medications provided as per the consent given on the registration form.

I, or the listed ‘emergency contact’, will be contactable on the mobile number I provided for the duration of the camp and will pick up the Camper if this is requested.

I understand that as part of the programs policies, my child will not have their mobile phone on or accessible during the camp and that if I need to make urgent contact with my child, I will use one of the camp contact numbers available.

I release, indemnify, and hold harmless OAC Ministries (including the Team) for any damage to or loss of personal property incurred by and/or caused by the child.

I release, indemnify, and hold harmless OAC Ministries (including the Team) for any personal injury suffered by and/or caused by the child.

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