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Worldview Camps:
Privacy & Image/Video Information

This page includes:

  • Privacy and Information Statement
  • Image & Video Information
  • OAC Ministries Privacy Policy, Grievance Procedure and Code of Conduct

Privacy & Information Statement

Worldview Camps are a ministry of OAC Ministries (Aust) Ltd (“OAC”), meaning OAC’s policies and procedures apply, including OAC’s Privacy Policy.

This “Privacy and Information Statement” is here to clarify and add any further information that may be relevant to the worldview camp programs and activities.

For campers and their guardians we ask you consider OAC’s Privacy Policy, as well as the Statement you’re currently reading and how they apply to being a participant on a worldview Camp.

For team members, such as camp leaders, we ask that you consider the Privacy Policy and this statement not just in how it applies to your own privacy, but in understanding the ways you will ensure the privacy of campers is protected.

Below are some examples of how OAC’s Privacy Policy relates to worldview camps. As explained in the Policy, your information is:

  • Collected in different ways – including; registration forms, emails, personal conversations with you etc,
  • Stored in different ways – including; digitally, in registration software, emails, and OAC’s IT system for archiving, essential information printed for urgent reference during camp, in safety management software, in WhatsApp groups and communications with parents/guardians and Leaders etc.
  • Used in different ways – including; planning the program, managing risks, communications, being prepared for emergencies, mentoring and personal discussions, training Leaders etc,
  • Accessed in different ways and by different people – including; staff and leaders within our registration software, within OAC’s IT system by OAC staff and workers, by leaders during camp, in emails between leaders needed for preparing and running the camp, photos accessible to parents and guardians on the WhatsApp group, conversations between leaders to improve their role and mentoring effectiveness etc.

Regarding your personal information we may collect or store. OAC Ministries:

  • only collects and holds information relevant to running the program or is required for safety management or compliance purposes,
  • doesn’t hold personal information when it’s no longer needed for its intended purpose and securely destroys it and,
  • never discloses or exposes your information to third parties beyond what you would expect when you provided it (e.g. unavoidable “cookies” on websites etc) or for emergency or legal requirements.

Leaders/volunteers and staff: We require all our volunteers and OAC staff members to read and agree to follow OAC’s Privacy Policy and the associated privacy Code of Conduct, and all volunteers undergo training which includes understanding the importance of privacy and how they are expected to handle any personal information.

Image & Privacy Information

Collecting images & videos during camp

Leaders and other team members will be taking photos and videos of the camp in action during the camp. Any photos will be taken by leaders as part of their role as leaders, never for personal storage or use.

Personal devices of leaders may be used to capture memorable moments, which will be passed to the team member responsible for photos/videos and removed from any personal devices as soon as practical.

For the sake of practicality, the team will be taking photos and/or videos which may include any and all campers and leaders throughout the week, regardless of which permissions have been marked on camper’s & leader’s registration (unless a personal legal requirement is made known to us). Explanation of image selection and anonymisation is explained below.

Parent’s WhatsApp Group

A selection of images and videos will be uploaded to a parents WhatsApp group, most likely at the end of each day of camp. This group will remain “private” (meaning restricted to parents/guardians), but all images/videos will be accessible to any individuals within the group.

No identifying information will be added to the WhatsApp group alongside any image/video.

Permitted images/videos in WhatsApp group:

We will take reasonable steps to ensure images which primarily feature those campers or leaders who have marked on their registration as not agreeing to be uploaded to the WhatsApp Parents group are not uploaded to the group. However, we cannot guarantee individual campers/leaders will not be included in large group photos or in the background of some images that are uploaded.

If you see any errors in images which shouldn’t be included in the WhatsApp parents group, please contact us immediately.

The WhatsApp group will remain open for 2 weeks following the end of camp, at which point it will be closed and the images deleted from WhatsApp services.

Images & videos for OAC marketing & communications

Some images and videos (which do not primarily feature campers or leaders who have not agreed for their image to be used by OAC for marketing and communication purposes) will be used by OAC Ministries as part of marketing or branding of the camp and as part of communications with supporters, potential future campers, and organisations or churches who have shown interest in the camp.

Some images and videos may also be kept for historical archival purposes by OAC.

For Campers: No personally identifiable information besides a first name or pseudonym will be used alongside the images or videos in any context.

For Leaders: Your name may be used alongside some images as part of communications to supporters or in marketing.

We cannot guarantee individual campers/leaders will not be included in large group photos or in the background of images that are uploaded, however we will make every effort to de-identify and exclude Campers/Leaders whose registration does not give permission for image/video use wherever possible.

Storage of images & videos

Following camp, all images and videos will be consolidated and deleted from any personal devices. Any images and videos which may be of interest and use for future marketing, communications, training, or archiving will be transferred to OAC’s private cloud storage and will only be made accessible for the uses mentioned above and will only be kept for as long as they are suitable for these uses.

Any images or videos not suited for these purposes will be digitally deleted.

OAC Ministries Privacy Policy, Grievance Procedure, and Privacy Code of Conduct

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